Academy School of Driving - A Driving School in Colorado Springs

Notice the difference

When you attend the Academy School of Driving, you'll notice several things are different. The respect you receive from instructors and other students is automatic. There are no stupid questions. You will be expected to treat others in the same manner. Also, the atmosphere is low-key. Nobody will yell at you for making inexperienced maneuvers (while behind the wheel). If safety is involved, your coach will correct the situation and use it as a "teaching moment".

As a graduate of the Academy School of Driving, you'll take your place among other drivers on the public highways and back roads. Some of them will have been driving for decades while others are barely hours ahead of you. The main thing to remember is to DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE. No matter what else is happening either inside or outside your vehicle, your primary job is to safely move your vehicle over the road. Rubbernecking, cell phone use, makeup application, etc. are all distractions that can have serious consequences both for you and your passengers as well as others.

Gift Certificates Available

Now in Two Locations!

We are pleased to announce that we have two locations! The new office is a testing only facility and is conveniently located behind the 7-11, in the same parking lot as the DMV.  Main cross streets are Union and Jackson.
Academy School of Driving
2403 N Union Blvd Ste 102.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Online Course

Cost: $125

Skills Course

  • Turning techniques
  • Braking techniques
    • Control
    • Threshold
    • Panic
  • Parking Techniques
    • Parallel
    • Head in
    • Back in
  • Skid recovery

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Academy School of Driving

(719) 278-DRIV(E)
(719) 278-3748

5965 N Academy Blvd, Ste 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80918